Reflective Practice: A SEDA Special

A Timely Revisit!

The past 18 months have made the activity of critically considering and reflecting on our teaching practice more important than ever as the sector has been turned upside down with the wholesale adoption of online teaching approaches.  In this SEDA Special, the authors briefly outline the current scholarship around reflective practice and offer different approaches for experienced and inexperienced teachers to interrogate their practice within their own context.

It is argued that a ‘broad church’ of approaches to reflective practice can lead to a teacher learning about their teaching, and an improved experience for students’ outcomes and learning.  The Special seeks to empower readers to meet the challenges of increasing complexities and demands of teaching in their work places by providing chapters on the following themes:

  • Providing a platform for our reflections through a variety of practical and relevant approaches;
  • Realising continuing professional development opportunities as avenues to engage in reflective practice;
  • Engaging in Peer Supported Review (P-SR) as a collaborative, reflective tool;
  • Exploring the role of reflective writing in capturing what an individual can do, with a series of questions, which allow for interpretation and analysis of individual approaches to teaching and learning.

In writing the special, the authors had a conscious focus on explaining accessible and practical approaches to reflection, recognising the time constraints that many academics operate under.  As such, the Special will be of interest to anyone who teaches in Higher or Further Education as well as educational and academic developers who deliver postgraduate certificates and support fellowship applications.

Buy the Reflective Practice SEDA Special edited by Carole L. Davis & Mary Fitzpatrick

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