Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Reflective Practice

Opportunities for Meaningful Outcomes

In January 2022 we were delighted to facilitate a two-hour webinar where we explored how best to engage in continuing professional development (CPD) and the opportunities for reflective practice.  The basis of the webinar was a recent SEDA special on Reflective Practice which we collaborated on.   As we know here are a wide range of ways to engage in CPD – both formal and informal.  The formal approaches highlighted focussed on accredited / unaccredited programmes, workshops and conferences, where reflection of learning is often more structured, either as a requirement of the programme or conference funding. The informal approaches explored included discussions with colleagues, reading literature and mentoring, where the reflection on learning may be less structured but iterative.

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Reflective Practice: A SEDA Special

A Timely Revisit!

The past 18 months have made the activity of critically considering and reflecting on our teaching practice more important than ever as the sector has been turned upside down with the wholesale adoption of online teaching approaches.  In this SEDA Special, the authors briefly outline the current scholarship around reflective practice and offer different approaches for experienced and inexperienced teachers to interrogate their practice within their own context.

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