Doing a good job well – being recognised as an experienced professional teacher in HE

As Educational Developers, we have dedicated considerable energies towards the provision of continuing professional development (CPD) for new lecturers, introducing them to the principles of reflective practice to support them in mastering their craft.  However, until relatively recently the CPD of experienced academics, such as Programme Leads, Directors of Learning and Teaching and Heads of Schools, was often overlooked.  The re-launch of the UK Professional Standards Framework in 2011 changed this – it focused attention of the recognition of these essential HE professionals, as it created a space through which formal recognition could be afforded for their contributions in teaching and supporting student learning. Continue reading

Is there anything new to say about reflective practice?

Well, the short answer is ‘yes! A new SEDA Special, explores the state of play surrounding reflective practice.  While the literature and anecdotal evidence suggests that experiential learning still shapes our practice as educators, we must ask ourselves ‘How?’, ‘Why?’ and ‘What can we do differently?’ Continue reading