SEDA writing retreats are fabulous…

for not only getting writing done, but for providing an opportunity to talk about writing, for sharing and critiquing writing and for understanding writing as an exercise of great value within the educational development and higher education landscapes.

Located at the picturesque Woodbrooke you would never believe yourself to be in the centre of Birmingham. Sitting in the lounge looking over the beautiful gardens and helping yourself to yet another just –baked biscuit -which magically appear every few hours – you feel you are somewhere really quite lovely. Understated and modest with the gentle cycle of Quaker observations in the background, Woodbrooke is motivating; you get there and writing seems like the obvious thing to do.

It is into this nourishing setting that the SEDA team welcome you to work as you wish. There is generous time spent writing together or apart, scheduled times to meet to discuss common themes emerging from colleagues writing practices and friendly guidance and peer review from the SEDA team. In previous retreats colleagues have developed Advance HE Fellowship applications, pedagogic research journal articles, book chapters, institutional reports and theses amongst other texts. Our participants tell us that retreats work for them to complete discrete projects but also to enhance their educational development, inform their ongoing writing practices and increase the quality of their publications.

If you are thinking of attending a writing retreat to develop your educational development texts then then please do consider SEDA. We look forward to sharing those (amazing) biscuits with you, talking shop, getting inspired, enjoying meals, walking through the green parks of Birmingham to the iconic philanthropist village of Bourneville, enjoying the gardens and….writing.

For more information on SEDA writing retreats please click here

Dr Jennie Winter began her career as a lecturer in Human Geography before becoming an Educational Developer in 2010. She is now an Associate Professor in Academic Development at the University of Plymouth.

Her work in academic development is broad ranging. She has worked to raise awareness and change practice in a range of inclusivity issues in higher education including unconscious bias, internationalisation, widening participation, mature students and progression between college-based and higher education.

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