Supporting and Leading Educational Change Course

Following the Supporting and Leading Educational Change (SLEC), course which finished early 2014, we are delighted that we have 13 new SEDA Fellows. The SLEC course provides a supported route to FSEDA and provides an opportunity for its participants to develop an on-line community encouraging them to reflect on their professional practice and support each other through collaborative activities. The following are comments from this year’s participants.

“Having been an associate member of SEDA for several years I was keen to take the plunge and work towards full fellowship status through completion of the SLEC course. I was fully aware that it would be a challenging journey – an ex colleague of mine had completed the course the previous year and said it was very tough going, and that not everyone had reached the finishing line.  It also involves a lot of writing which – in particularly scholarly writing – is for me a slow and painful grind. I can write well but it takes me far too long to produce results (I would make a terrible journalist, forever missing deadlines …)

I’ve definitely found the course worth doing. Fun it certainly wasn’t, although this isn’t an indictment of this course in particular. I think it simply confirms the fact that, despite (or in spite of?) my chosen field of technology enhanced learning, as a learner I’m not particularly suited to asynchronous online learning. It has its purpose in a blended context but I think I’ll always prefer the chaos, immediacy and intimacy of the classroom, warts and all!  What the course did do was give me the opportunity and space to reflect on my past, current and future practice at a very deep level, ask some serious questions about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it (personally and professionally) and fill some gaps in my knowledge. I’ve also learned a lot from all the fellow travellers on the course as well as the valuable feedback from facilitators Elaine and Celia who provided me with their insightful and encouraging comments. I’m proud to have been awarded fellowship as I feel SEDA values resonate with my own. I now have the job of tipexing out all the A’s in AFSEDA on my business cards!”

Darren Gash, Skills and Competences Developer, University of Surrey

“I have been leading MMU’s Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching for nearly two years now, or perhaps I should say, only two years . . . it is a fast moving, exciting place to work because the sector never stands still.  I came into an educational development post believing my (many) years of experience in teacher education would stand me in good stead, only to find that I was dealing with a different language, different politics, and different terms of engagement!

The SEDA SLEC course gave me the confidence to form and have an opinion, within the context of a supportive community, exposure to reading that I may not have encountered otherwise, and ultimately, a sense that I was leading my team in broadly the right direction”.

Penny Sweasey, Head of Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), Manchester Metropolitan University

“It has been interesting to see the variety of other people’s practice during the course and to discuss a large number of issues-in-common that cropped up in the reading. The time taken out to go back to fundamentals on different parts of educational development and spend the time reading and reflecting have given me a good set of ideas for reviewing parts of my practice.”

Course Participant

Elaine Fisher, Co chair, SEDA Services and Enterprise Committee and Tutor SLEC Course


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